Figure 4. Coreopsis grandiflora


A-F, var. inclinata

A. Habit (shown as more erect than is natural, so as to fit the page), X4/10. 

B. Frontal and rear views of head, X9/10. 

C. Fruiting head, side view, X1 1/2. 

D. Left: disk flower, with ovary and pappus scales; right: receptacular bract (pale); both X9. 

E. Achene, frontal view, X9. 

F-H, stems, pre-anthesis, drawn from specimens (UNA) collected 24-26 April 1999, X1/4. 

F. Bibb County, Alabama, type locality, A. 11841

G. Var. grandiflora, Bibb County, Alabama, Co. Rd. 24, A. 11846

H. Var. harveyana, Izard County, Arkansas, Ark. Hwy. 5, A. 11835


Drawing by Vicky Holifield.