Hypericum radfordiorum Weakley ex J. R. Allison

by James R. Allison. Copyright 2010. All rights reserved.  


Alexander County, North Carolina: Joe Mountain

June 27, 2003

better_days_of_yore_at_Joe_Mountain_2--Alexander_County_NC--2003-06-27.JPG (287597 bytes)

Hypericum radfordiorum locally abundant in this year of normal rainfall and apparently thriving

better_days_of_yore_at_Joe_Mountain--Alexander_County_NC--2003-06-27.JPG (382072 bytes)

Happy plants with lots of distinctly foliose supernumerary flowering-branches


June 21, 2006

drought-struck_outcrop_on_Joe_Mountain--Alexander_County_NC--2006-06-21.JPG (456740 bytes)

Outcrop already drought-struck on the first day of summer in 2006.

dead_remains_from_2005--Joe_Mountain--Alexander_County_NC--2006-06-21.JPG (467951 bytes)

At the time of this 2006 visit to a population that seemed quite large in 2003,  the only evidence of Hypericum radfordiorum was dead remains from 2005.


July 25, 2006
Joe_Mountain--Coreopsis_pubescens_var._robusta_and_view_to_Little_Joe_Mtn.--Alexander_County_NC--2006-07-25.JPG (189660 bytes)

Coreopsis  pubescens Elliott var. robusta A. Gray ex Eames and view to Little Joe Mountain. Drought has temporarily abated somewhat, but browned (dead) conifers attest to its severity.

getting_a_late_start_after_the_drought_abated--Joe_Mountain--Alexander_County_NC--2006-07-25.JPG (177092 bytes)

There had been a little rain before this return visit and it was possible to find a very few plants trying to make a rather late start.