Hypericum radfordiorum Weakley ex J. R. Allison

by James R. Allison. Copyright 2010. All rights reserved.  



Wilkes County, North Carolina: Pores Knob

June 21, 2006

Pores_Knob--viewed_from_NC_Hwy._18--Wilkes_County--2006-06-21.jpg (245644 bytes)

Pores knob, viewed from North Carolina Highway 18. The earliest known collection of  Hypericum radfordiorum was made here in 1937, by Hugo Blomquist and Lewis Anderson.

some_more_wilting_plants--view_1--Pores_Knob--Wilkes_County_NC--2006-06-21.jpg (486002 bytes)

Granite outcrop with Hypericum radfordiorum

habit_of_plant_already_wilting_on_first_day_of-summer--Pores_Knob--Wilkes_County_NC--2006-06-21.jpg (234957 bytes)

Habit of Hypericum radfordiorum (first day of summer and already wilting from drought!)

plants_already_wilting_on_first_day_of-summer--Pores_Knob--Wilkes_County_NC--2006-06-21.jpg (429883 bytes)

Plants of Hypericum radfordiorum

some_more_wilting_plants--view_2--Pores_Knob--Wilkes_County_NC--2006-06-21.jpg (389561 bytes)

Same two clumps of Hypericum radfordiorum shown above in photo # 2 ("Granite outcrop with Hypericum radfordiorum")