Hypericum radfordiorum Weakley ex J. R. Allison

by James R. Allison. Copyright 2010. All rights reserved.  


Alexander County, North Carolina: Rocky Face Mountain (Hypericum radfordiorum type locality)

June 21, 2006

Rocky Face Mountain

view_from_Rocky_Face_Mtn--Alexander_County_NC--to_Little_Mtn.-Bald_Rock_Mtn.-Pores_Knob--2006-06-21.jpg (152598 bytes)

View to north from Rocky Face Mountain to other Hypericum radfordiorum sites in the Brushy Mountains proper: Little Mountain (center) and beyond it, Pores Knob (in Wilkes County)

Allium_cuthbertii_and_Hypericum_radfordiorum_at_latter's_type-locality--Rocky_Face_Mtn.--Alexander_Co._NC--2006-06-21.jpg (384295 bytes)

Hypericum radfordiorum in early flower, with Allium cuthbertii Small in foreground, a frequently associated species

Allium_cuthbertii--Rocky_Face_Mountain--Alexander_County_NC--2006-06-21.jpg (101753 bytes)

Allium cuthbertii inflorescence; only Brushy Mountain populations have tepals this deeply pigmented

flower--used_in_Figure_3--Rocky_Face_Mountain--Alexander_County_NC--2006-06-21.jpg (76462 bytes)

Hypericum radfordiorum flower, with numerous stamens (as seen early in the morning, before the petals have begun to wrinkle)


July 18, 2006
precocious_exogenous_Helianthus_porteri--Rocky_Face_Mtn.--Alexander_Co._NC--2006-07-18.jpg (275673 bytes) precocious_exogenous_Helianthus_porteri_2--Rocky_Face_Mtn.--Alexander_Co._NC--2006-07-18.jpg (268800 bytes)
Precociously flowering plant of  exogenous Helianthus porteri. Inadvertently introduced here from a Georgia source by a careless ecologist. He made reciprocal transplants of Diamorpha smallii Britton using outcrop soil samples without regard for the other organisms contained therein. Most of the herbaceous biomass conspicuous in the background is this introduced species. Obviously there have been impacts to the indigenous species.


July 24, 2006

group_of_plants--Rocky_Face_Mountain--Alexander_County_NC--2006-07-24.jpg (351024 bytes)

Group of Hypericum radfordiorum plants

habit--used_for_Figure_3--Rocky_Face_Mountain--Alexander_County_NC--2006-07-24.jpg (374847 bytes)


upper_stems--Rocky_Face_Mountain--Alexander_County_NC--2006-07-24.jpg (234171 bytes)


Inflorescence_and_supernumerary_flowering-branches--used_for_Figure_3--Rocky_Face_Mountain--Alexander_County_NC--2006-07-24.jpg (503376 bytes)

Subnaked primary inflorescence, and numerous supernumerary flowering-branches  

petals_becoming_pseudo-denticulate--Rocky_Face_Mountain--Alexander_County_NC--2006-07-24.jpg (147361 bytes)

Flowers, with numerous stamens and with asymmetrical petals whose edges have begun to wrinkle, simulating denticulate margins in the usual sense