Hypericum radfordiorum Weakley ex J. R. Allison

by James R. Allison. Copyright 2010. All rights reserved.  


Alexander County, North Carolina: Sugarloaf Mountain

July 23, 2006

view_from_Sugarloaf_Mtn._to_'Little_Sugarloaf_Mtn.'_and_Joe_Mtn.--Alexander_Co._NC--2006-07-23.JPG (360968 bytes)

View from Sugarloaf Mountain to two other sites for Hypericum radfordiorum, "Little Sugarloaf Mountain" and (upper left) Joe Mountain.


August 25, 2006

Phemeranthus_teretifolius--Sugarloaf_Mountain--Alexander_County_NC--2006-08-25.jpg (192179 bytes)

Phemerathus teretifolius (Pursh) Rafinesque [Talinum teretifolium Pursh], a common plant on granitic outcrops of the Southeast, including sites with Hypericum radfordiorum.

Senna_marilandica--Sugarloaf_Mountain--Alexander_County_NC--2006-08-25.jpg (212855 bytes)

The flora of granite outcrops in the Brushy Mountains includes a number of plants preferring a higher pH or more calcium than is usual for southeastern granitic outcrops. Here is an example, Senna marilandica (L.) Link, more characteristic of calcareous outcrops than siliceous ones.